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Privacy Policy

Please have a look below at how we handle your private data. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to write to our DATA PROTECTION OFFICER at or call us at +40 031 111 4400 


The website is managed and operated by Apex Alliance Development 3 S.R.L. (also known as Moxy Bucharest Old Town). By accessing the website you are voluntarily expressing your consent for Apex Alliance Development 3 S.R.L. to collect and administer your personal data, in accordance with EU Regulation 016/679 (GDPR).

This privacy policy applies only to the personal data supplied voluntarily by the user exclusively on this website. Apex Alliance Development 3 S.R.L. is not responsible for the privacy policy of any other 3rd party entity that can be reached via various links, no matter their nature, links that lead the user outside this website. 

Confidentiality statement:

Thank you for your interest with regards to the events managed and promoted by Moxy Bucharest Old Town. 

Moxy Bucharest Old Town engages in making sure that we fully support GDPR Privacy rules and best practices in respect to the availability, integrity, and safety of any website user's personal data for which we provide services or toward which we engage in marketing activities. 

Moxy Bucharest Old Town processes and stores personal data inside the EU, this processing is in accordance with GDPR rules.

This confidentiality statement explains what kind of information we collect from you, how we store and use this information. The information we collect is necessary in order to be able to provide the expected services. 

Why we collect and process data:

Moxy Bucharest Old Town collects and processes personal data from visitors as follows:

  • to allow the user access to the services promoted or provided via this website

  • for marketing purposes, in order to notify the user about new events, changes to the existing ones, changes for events for which the user has already registered, etc. 

  • for sales purposes, in order to allow the user to purchase various services and tickets in accordance with the services offered by this website. 

  • It is not mandatory for you to provide the personal data unless you require access to events, notifications, and/or invoices and purchases features. 

  • By using this website, you agree voluntarily to provide true, accurate, correct, actual, and complete information about you according to the forms you decide to fill out.


Our privacy policy relies on the following data protection principles:

  • Data processing is done in a legal, correct, and transparent manner;

  • Data collection is done solely for the specified legit purposes, clearly explained and the data will not be processed further in a manner that is incompatible with the mentioned purposes;

  • Data collection operations will be adequate, relevant, and limited only to the information absolutely required for the purpose of the collection procedure;

  • Personal data will be correct and when/where needed, will be actual; 

  • Moxy Bucharest Old Town will take all necessary measures to try to make sure that incorrect data is deleted or corrected as soon as possible;

  • Personal data will be stored in a form that allows the identification of the person and for a period no longer than the period required to process the personal data;

  • All personal data will be confidential and will be stored in a manner that will ensure the necessary security levels;

  • Personal data will not be distributed to third parties unless this is absolutely necessary in order to be able to provide the required services;

  • The users have the right to request access to personal data, correction of such data, or deletion of such data. The users also have the right to request a report on how their personal data is used, stored, and/or handled. 

Personal data:

Personal data means any information that can be linked with an identified or identifiable individual. Personal data included all types of information (direct or indirect), like name, email, phone, date of birth, address, etc. 

Colecting personal data:

The users of this website that want to benefit from offered services or information, may be requested to provide their own personal data in order for Moxy Bucharest Old Town to be able to provide the requested services. 

We may collect data like Name, email address, phone number, address, etc. 

Additionally, while using the website, we will collect and store data about your search history, read articles and pages, etc. Additionally, using tracking codes installed on our website from various suppliers (details are usually provided inside the cookie usage policy) of analytics and statistical services, we might collect data like your IP address, duration of your visit, visited pages, etc. All this information is collected in order to be able to optimize our website in order to offer you the best possible experience when using it. 

Who has access to your data:

By accessing and using this website you confirm that you understand and agree to the fact that we use various services from various internal or external suppliers, to whom we might send some or all your personal data. We will only do this to third-party entities that provide enough guarantees in order to be sure this privacy policy is applied and followed also by them. In this way, we try to make sure we respect your data and rights to the best of our abilities. 

Service categories for which we might collaborate with 3rd party providers and the date we might transfer to them are:

  • SMTP Services (email communication) - email address, name;

  • Newsletter services - email address, name, phone number;

  • Invoicing services - name, email, address, fiscal data, phone number;

  • Courier / postal services - name, phone number, address;

  • SMS services - phone number;

  • Online payments services - name, email address, phone number, address, fiscal data; 

  • Comments services - name, email address, phone number;

  • Accountancy services - name, email address, phone number, fiscal data; 

  • Legal services - name, email address, phone number, fiscal data; 

How long do we store your data? 

Your personal data will be processed and stored for the period where we provide you various services according to this website as well as after this period for an additional reasonable time frame, that cannot be shorter than the general legal prescription term in order to be able to defend legit interests of Moxy Bucharest Old Town or when additional legal requirements require us to do so. 

What are your legal rights?

As we collect, process, and store your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Data access rights: you have the right to request and receive from Moxy Bucharest Old Town a confirmation about the fact that Moxy Bucharest Old Town collected, processes, and/or stores personal data about you. You can also request and obtain a list of data we collected, processed, and stored about you (Moxy Bucharest Old Town might request a small reasonable tax for this service due to administrative costs if any). The information will be provided in electronic format. 

  • Right to change/update the data - you have the right to ask Moxy Bucharest Old Town to change/update/append, incorrect or missing data. Moxy Bucharest Old Town will communicate the outcome of such requests except when this change/update/append requests prove to be impossible or will require a disproportionate effort. You will be informed about such situations.  

  • Right to delete the stored data - you have the right to request Moxy Bucharest Old Town, to delete your personal data without any unjustified delays. Moxy Bucharest Old Town will notify you about such data deletion. Under circumstances that make the deletion of data impossible or this would require a disproportionate answer, Moxy Bucharest Old Town will notify you about such a situation. 

  • Right to restrict processing - you have the right to request Moxy Bucharest Old Town to restrict the processing of your own personal data. Moxy Bucharest Old Town will restrict the processing of your data based on your requests except for the situations when this proves to be impossible or requires a disproportionate effort, in which case you will be notified about such situations by Moxy Bucharest Old Town. 

  • Right to data portability - you may request Moxy Bucharest Old Town, to receive your personal data stored by Moxy Bucharest Old Town, in an electronic and structured way. 

  • Right to oppose - you have the right to oppose to Moxy Bucharest Old Town processing and storing your data, based on legal reasons related to your particular situation, at any time, including the creation of specific profiles based on your data. 

  • Right not to make the object of a decision based exclusively on automated processing of your data, including but not limited to the creation of profiles.

  • Right to notify the National Authority for the processing of Personal Data.

  • Right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the legal basis for the processing of personal data by Moxy Bucharest Old Town before the date when the consent was withdrawn. 

How can you access your data?

For any questions or requests related to personal data, including exercising any of your rights as mentioned above, you may contact us in the following ways:


Post: Moxy Bucharest Old Town - 17-19 Strada Doamnei, București, Romania 030167


Phone: Tel: +40 031 111 4400

Provided information, as well as any communications and measures taken based on your requests, are offered by Moxy Bucharest Old Town for free. However, when your requests are being unreasonable or excessive, especially on their repetitive character, Moxy Bucharest Old Town might:

  • ask for a fee, considering the administrative costs generated by your requests;

  • refuse to respond to your request. 

By accepting using this website, you acknowledge and accept this privacy policy, and your personal data will be collected, processed, and/or stored by Moxy Bucharest Old Town, in accordance with this current privacy policy. 


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